Fort Hill United Methodist Church
Our Pastor
Rev. Ron Litten

My name is Ron Litten, the new Pastor here at Fort Hill United Methodist Church, coming to Fort Hill in July of 2016.

I have served 14 churches in a span of 34 years across Virginia.  I began my ministry in the Winchester area, but eventually moved further south till I came to Lynchburg, back in 1988. For the past 28+ years I have been in the greater Lynchburg area serving churches in the city and Campbell County.

I have been married to my wife, Roberta, for over 32 years, and have two sons, Joshua and Zachary.  We met at what is now known as Shenandoah University in 1980.  We were married in 1984 while I was serving my first church in the same community.  Roberta is a retired Math Teacher after 31 years, and is now just enjoying being involved in Fort Hill, and getting to know the many wonderful people that are part of Fort Hill.

I am no stranger to Fort Hill UMC, for I have been to many a Conference and District function sponsored by Fort Hill over the years I have served on this District.  My sons attended Scouts here in their early years, and we, as a family came to a few special functions held at the church.

It has been my greatest pleasure to be appointed to Fort Hill UMC as I have rekindled some of my earlier positive experiences with this church.  I have often said that Fort Hill UMC is one of the best kept secrets in the Lynchburg area.

Come and experience the wonders and joys that are Fort Hill, a place where the people are truly caring, and the Spirit of God overflows in a multitude of blessings.  As I like to say, "We deal in Grace here!"

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